This weekend, emloveswaffles will not be posting anything anymore.

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I am not going to delete this account right away, I’ll leave it up for a few months so people will be able to find my new blog.

thanks for understanding :)

My new blog is, I’m not gonna delete my blog for a few days to a week or so. I wanna make sure I save posts i want and try to follow my awesome followers on that account!


A note to all followers—-

This blog as well as Korra’s Korner and Maka and Soul’s Dance will be deleted really soon, and opening under another name. I ended up following too many people, and my dash is overwhelming. I also wanted to get a fresh start.

Kawaii Pinkie Peach will still be running as well as Dusk Maiden Amnesiac. 

Thanks for understanding, I hope you will follow me on my new blog :)


Just a part of my outfit I wore yesterday to Shuto-con! I will be posting better pics later today but I thought I would share this awesome shot (sorry for the bad lighting) of my necklace I bought<3